Google Photos Means You Can Store As Many Selfies As You Want For Free


Google just announced a revamp of its photo-sharing service, Google Photos, where users can backup up full-resolution photos and videos – up to 16MP for photos and 1080p for videos – to Google’s cloud for free. This is good news for people who shell out up to $20 a month to store their cat photos and Internet memes on the iCloud. And for people who just had a going away party and took a million pictures of all their favorite coworkers on the planet. Or like, any pictures really. Click the pic to read more.

#CharlieCharlieChallenge Is A Social Media Trend Where Teens Summon Demons With Pencils and Yes The Internet Is Bonkers


The latest Internet #teenmeme (I just made that up and want to trademark it) is about summoning a “Mexican” “demon” named “Charlie” using pencils. Yup.

The #CharlieCharlieChallenge has teens trying to summon the demon by crossing two pencils over a yes/no/yes/no grid, asking dear Chuck a question and then waiting for a pencil to move. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is no such demon as Charlie in Mexican lore and that all pencil movement is obviously made from an off-camera hand. Because this is dumb. BUT – don’t be persuaded by sensationalist mainstream news sources aiming to panic parents with occult warnings – this meme may be dumb but everyone who is doing it knows that.

Click the pic to find out more and watch some ridiculous Vines of this ridiculous meme that, yes, I love.

Facebook Will Probably Let Advertisers Contact You On WhatsApp

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.31.47 AM

So what is Facebook doing with WhatsApp, the messaging app it acquired over a year ago? Well, once the app’s users reach 1 billion (which could be as soon as the end of the year), they could be monitizing by adding a business-to-consumer messaging service. Jury’s out on how this will work (I’m assuming it’ll be an opt-in feature, following the Kik model) or how consumers will react but one thing is for sure – Minority Report was the best predictor of future technology of any film in history and one day there will be precogs.

Extra! Extra! Facebook Becomes A Publisher (Sorta)

Facebook Now Puts Full Articles From Big Publishers in Your News Feed

This week Facebook launched a new feature that allows for publications like the New York Times and Buzzfeed to post articles directly to the social network. Since publications already depend on Facebook to promote and distribute their content, this seems like a natural next step (though perhaps an odd user experience). Jury’s out  on what it means for publications, branded content and the future of Facebook. Click here to read about this new feature.

Dos and Don’ts of Cinco De Mayo for People and Brands (But Not Dogs)

Happy Cinco De Mayo folks! We hope you have a great time and offend as few people as possible. Here are *your* Dos and Don’ts on how to achieve that lovely balance. And for brands – which do not need a holiday to accidentally offend the Hispanic community – there are a few articles that show how this day can go from #Fun to #Fail faster than you can finish a margarita…and how to avoid that!

Periscope Leads To Piracy

Pirate-skull In news that surprises absolutely no one, Twitter’s new video-streaming app – while popular, well-designed and just plain fun – has a few issues. We’ve talked before about the creep factor. But the main issue is how it enables pirating. Most recently, it was used en masse to stream this weekend’s Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. And while I’m more than happy that noted terrible person Floyd Mayweather got cheated out of some pay-per-view money this weekend, piracy is likely to become a long-term issue for Periscope. Click here for more details.