Burger King “McWhopper” Case Study Video

So, the McWhopper is one of the world’s most awarded campaigns, a brilliant piece of guerrilla marketing and PR fused with a daring client happy give it a crack. But sometimes it’s not just a great idea, but a great case study film that helps to shape how big an idea can get, especially in marketing & advertising circles! So, here is that Cannes Lions winning film… Enjoy.

4 Awesome Snapchat Marketing Case Studies

16_handles_snapchatEvery day, Snapchat gets 100 million daily visitors. That means that more people will use the app today than the total populations of California, New York, and Texas combined.

One hundred million users is the kind of number that can seduce any marketer. But jumping onto the platform without a strategy or some boundaries is a sure-fire way to lose respect of both your audience and your marketing team.

In order to connect with viewers, drive ROI, and—let’s be honest—have some fun, your first step should be to understand the platform’s best practices. Here are four examples of brands that have mastered Snapchat.

Johnnie Walker Targets Newbie Whisky Drinkers With Technology

 From loopy virtual-reality experiments to prankvertising stunts, bars are the new hotspot for marketers to run tech-based initiatives.

Now, Johnnie Walker and agency Iris Singapore have built an interactive website and tablet app that doubles as in-bar entertainment. It’s part of the whisky brand’s “luxury mentoring” program that educates millennial consumers about the brand at high-end bars and tasting events. Read full article here.