Why Your Sales Team Should Invest More Time on Content Marketing [Infographic]

Customers, on average, look at nearly a dozen pieces of content before finalizing a purchase – and they would rather check out content than look at ads when learning about a company and its offerings. This demand keeps marketers busy – 88% of B2B companies are turning to content marketing to supplement their sales efforts. Marketers know the importance of content marketing, but for the practice to be most effective, content needs to be a priority for both marketing and sales. Since the top goal for content marketing is lead generation, your sales team should be invested in what content is produced. Salespeople can use content to personalize their approach and meet prospects where they are in the buying process – and when salespeople use social media, 78% of them outperform their peers who aren’t on social media. Sales and marketing are both necessary for content marketing to be successful, and salespeople play a critical role as brand ambassadors. When sales and marketing work together to create and distribute content, both the company’s culture and bottom line benefit. content-marketing-final

Infographic: Engaging Content Has Everything to Do With Emotion

As content accounts for more of marketers’ budgets, finding direct paths to target audiences becomes increasingly important. AOL Insights analyzed over 7,300 moments when a person engaged with specific content and uncovered new findings that can help marketers better develop content.
“Marketers are good at knowing when and where consumers access content,” said AOL consumer analytics and research vp Christian Kugel. “This research illuminates some of the missing pieces and gives insight into how and why consumers interact with content. Smart marketers can add this knowledge to their toolset to develop content that matches the motivation of viewers, ultimately resulting in a deeper, better and more impactful connections with consumers on any device.”content-datapoints-01-2015

They Have Seen the Future of the Internet… and It Is Dark

Internet Cow

“Soon enough, almost all human activity and the Internet will be inextricable. My heartbeat, connected to a cloud-based health monitor, is content that welds the person and the machine. The video I watch is content, but so is where and how long I watched it, and what I did next.”

NY Times Internet Bits

So, is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? Hmmmm…