Nielsen Research for Facebook Shows It Now Edges TV in Reaching Millennials, Hispanics

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.38.47 AMFacebook has been going hard after marketers’ TV budgets, and with some success. Now, it’s coming armed with research from Nielsen suggesting it’s a better reach medium than TV for millennials and Hispanics coveted by so many marketers.

A wide-ranging study using Nielsen’s Homescan panel of consumers and audience-measurement tools shows buying Facebook alone now reaches more of each group than running ads on the 10 most watched TV networks combined — though it also shows that using both Facebook and TV combined reaches a far larger slice of both groups.

Millennials and Hispanics are two of the fastest growing and hence most coveted demographics for a variety of brands. They’re also among the demos most likely to include families with children, particularly coveted by packaged-goods marketers selling everything from diapers to food for home use — because families with kids buy more of each.

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