Facebook Is Tops with Everyone but Teens

The number of Facebook users in the US will inch up 0.9% this year to 169.5 million. While growth has plateaued, Facebook is still the most used social network among all age groups, except for teens.

Here’s how the top social networks rank among the following age groups:


In 2016, Snapchat surpassed Facebook as the most popular social network among US teens. Snapchat will continue to add users ages 12 to 17, while Facebook will continue to lose users in that cohort. In fact, we estimate Snapchat will add 1.2 million new users in that age group by 2022, while Facebook will lose 2.2 million.

Snapchat has been more popular than Instagram among US teens for years. In 2018, 16.4 million 12- to 17-year-olds will use Snapchat, compared with 12.8 million for Instagram. Snapchat will remain dominant among teen users through 2022.

As eMarketer first reported in February, teen usage of Facebook is declining. This year, 11.5 million people in the US ages 12 to 17 will be on the platform, down from 12.1 million in 2017. By 2022, the number of Facebook users in that age bracket will drop to 9.3 million.


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5 Key Insights into Effective Instagram Stories Performance [Report]

Instagram Stories is now up to 400 million daily users, and Facebook executives have noted that the Stories format is on track to become the primary social sharing platform, overtaking the News Feed before the end of the year.

The trends indicate that you should be considering where Stories fits into your social media marketing strategy – but given it’s such a new and different format to master, how can you know what you should be aiming for?

What qualifies as ‘good’ Instagram Stories performance? What type of Stories content should you be posting?

Lucky for you, the team at Delmondo have got your back. Delmondo, a social analytics company, has been specifically focused on the evolution of the Stories format, developing the industry standard for reporting both vertical video and Stories (Snapchat and Instagram) performance.

Given this, the company is perfectly placed to provide insights into key Stories trends and usage – which they’ve done in their latest report, which highlights their findings from over 5,000 Instagram Stories over the last six months.

Here are five key insights from the report

1. Stories Reach

First off, the Delmondo team have sought to put together accurate benchmarks for Stories reach.

Of course, this is difficult because every brand is different, but the Delmondo team have separated their findings by vertical to try and hone in their figures.

Instagram Stories completion rates [chart]

As you can see, the average reach rate for Instagram Stories is around 7.2% of your Instagram following, with significant variations dependent on your sector. As noted, this is not definitive, but it may help give you a better idea of what success looks like in terms of your Stories performance.

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10 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Stories Content

insta_stories_ex3This year, more businesses are going all in on Instagram Stories, with the Stories format quickly becoming the hottest social media option. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says so – according to Zuckerberg, Stories are on track to overtake the News Feed as the primary form of social sharing.

Momentum for Stories is clearly building – and as such, if you’re looking to create your own Stories content in order to connect with your audience, it’ll take more than simply being present. You’ll also need to step up your Stories game to compete with rising attention in the space.

Luckily, there are a ton of different ways to brand your Instagram Stories – using these simple features, in a consistent way, can add a heap of personality to your Stories, and help you build a recognizable brand aesthetic.

In this post, we’ll explain the importance of Instagram Stories, how to customize your content, and outline the various features you can use to optimize your Instagram Stories strategy (CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE)


Instagram Stories now lets its 400M users add soundtracks

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.03.35 AM.pngThe right music can make a boring photo or video epic, so Instagram  is equipping users with a way to add popular songs to their Stories. TechCrunch had the scoop on the music feature’s prototype in early May, and now it’s launching to iOS and Android users in 6 countries including, the U.S. Thanks to Facebook’s recent deals with record labels, users will be able to choose from thousands of songs from artists including Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris and Guns N’ Roses. The launch could make Instagram Stories more fun to post and watch in a way that copyrights won’t allow on Snapchat, while giving the app a way to compete with tween favorite Musical.ly.

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Vanity was once the preserve of the privileged but Instagram has changed all of that

https_blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadscardimage79954483f17fd2-b279-4353-ae1d-ca16315e51eaMadonna might have told the world to “Express Yourself” way back in 1989, but it’s millennials who have taken self-expression to a whole new level. And we’ve only got Instagram to thank for that.

That’s not because — despite what the headlines might say — we’re a bunch of vain narcissists with nothing better to do than take endless selfies. It’s actually because Instagram, and the mass adoption of cameraphones, has democratised self-expression and portraiture for everyone, regardless of class.

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Instagram Announces a New Video App to Directly Compete With YouTube and Snapchat

Nothing says more about the release of a new app from a social media giant than technical difficulties or an early released blog post, spoiling the news.

That’s exactly what happened with the release of IGTV, a new standalone video app from Instagram, announced at a special event today. The app opens up to vertically oriented videos and lets any user—not just celebrities or brands—upload videos (only up to an hour long for verified or large accounts), either on the app or website. IGTV will also include “channels,” that allow users to follow a single creator directly. The company also announced it now has 1 billion monthly active users.

Instead of attracting media companies and their content, the new app wants content creators and influencers to make that hot content on Instagram instead of YouTube.

Instagram moving into longer form video content makes sense given Facebook’s continued investment in Watch,” said Rachel Tipograph, founder and CEO of MikMak, a social video commerce company. “For creators who upload longform content to Instagram, quality storytelling that demands someone’s continued engagement is paramount.”

For now, Instagram remains mum on how and when it’ll choose to monetize the section. IGTV, however, will let creators link out to websites, creating a bigger revenue opportunity for brands and influencers.