It’s getting harder and harder to tell Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter apart

The world’s most popular social apps are starting to look a little … similar. As companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap have evolved, they’ve started to borrow product ideas from each other in the hope of building an all-in-one experience. These networks are ad-supported, which means the more time users spend inside their app, […]

Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat’s users

Good enough and convenient. That’s proved a winning strategy for Instagram’s clone, according to a dozen analytics providers, social media celebrities, and talent managers who told TechCrunch they’ve seen a decline in Snapchat Stories usage since Instagram Stories launched on August 2nd. Most reported declines in Snapchat Stories view counts ranging from 15 to 40 […]

Here’s What Gen Z and Millennials Love and Hate About Instagram and Snapchat

Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has accrued an impressive 300 million daily users. But with the ascendancy of 4-year-old Snapchat, which now boasts 150 million fans and counting, Instagram is looking over its shoulder. Their fierce rivalry for the hearts and minds of millennials and Gen Z touched off in late summer when Facebook-owned […]