Apple’s iPhone X event: How to watch live

Apple is about to kick off its most important event in years. The company is expected to announce new iPhones — including a high-end device, potentially called the iPhone X — plus a new Apple Watch and Apple TV device, and maybe some more information about its HomePod speakers. It’s the first-ever press event at the company’s new Steve […]

Are you ready for a $1,200 iPhone?

Apple is finally slated to reveal the highly-anticipated deluxe anniversary iPhone on Sept. 12, and you will want to buy it immediately — but the sticker price could wind up dampening your excitement for the phone’s next-gen features.   Leaker Benjamin Geskin tweeted out a pricing tier for the new iPhones, citing information from a friend who has a friend at Apple. […]

The 100 Best iPhone Apps of All Time

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” Those words were spoken by Steve Jobs when he unveiled the iPhone in 2007. He was partially right. While it was the iPhone that jumpstarted the smartphone industry, it was the introduction of the first third-party apps a year later that really […]

Pinterest serves up iOS apps

In their never-ending push to make pins more, and more useful, Pinterest has launched the ability to buy apps for your iPad and iPhone directly from pins. It’s curated (of course), and if you’re using Pinterest on your device, you’ll have the ability to “install” directly from there. No more middle man…Or middle app… required.


This might very well be the end of “coupon-clipping” as we know it. With the embrace of Apple’s iBeacon technology, all the deals, reminders and rewards available in stores will be automatically pushed to your phone. “As of today, Safeway and Giant Eagle stores in Cleveland, San Francisco, and Seattle will be outfitted with iBeacons that […]