These Digital Stats Show Exactly Why Google Fears Facebook Ads

adobe-digital-trends-hed-2015Facebook continues to apply pressure to Google’s ad business, showing that the social network’s boldness is paying off, according to new research from Adobe.

Adobe looked at the last three months in digital advertising, as it does at the end of every quarter, and highlighted some key shifts in the industry, including a slowdown in Pinterest’s retail momentum and Periscope’s dominance over Meerkat in video streaming. It also showed that Google’s “Mobilegeddon” affected mobile Web traffic more than expected, and Reddit, despite recent turmoil, could be a good place for retailers to focus their attention.

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Meerkat Launches Developer Platform To Differentiate From Periscope (via Techcrunch)


How did it feel getting cut off by Twitter with just 2 hours notice? “It sucked” says Meerkat founder Ben Rubin. That’s why it’s determined to treat developers with more respect. In the nine weeks since Meerkat launched, 37 developers have built companion experiences to the livestreaming apps on its unofficial, private API, including stream discovery, automatic uploads of streams to YouTube, and audience analytics tools.

Today, Meerkat is legitimizing those developers by launching an official developer platform and APIs that it promises to never take away. By becoming a platform, Meerkat could allow outside developers to build tools for a much wider variety of use cases than its small, independent team build spawn itself. That might help it differentiate itself from fellow livestreaming app Periscope, which benefits from the massive team and deep pockets of its acquirer Twitter. Read full article here.

Real-Time Perverts and Trolls Pose Challenges for Periscope Marketers via Adweek

periscope-illo-hed-2015Brands like Red Bull and Mountain Dew began using Periscope immediately after the real-time mobile video streaming app was released on March 26. We’ve already addressed the possible legal pitfalls that businesses could encounter, but what about the potential marketing problems afoot?

Specifically, what about a brand’s video stream getting mucked up by sexual or offensive comments from random users? sex editor Emma Barker reported that the app quickly became filled with men taking advantage of anonymity to sexually harass women. Corporate entities and their on-camera spokespeople could face similar harassment, as well. Read full article here.