5 Words to Describe Ineffective Mobile Marketers via Adweek

Google’s Jason Spero refers to consumer actions on mobile devices as signals, rich with information that tells marketers a great deal—if they are on the lookout for them.”I have more marketers that I’m convincing to be curious about those signals than marketers who are overusing those signals to the point of abuse [like invading privacy],” […]

These Digital Stats Show Exactly Why Google Fears Facebook Ads

Facebook continues to apply pressure to Google’s ad business, showing that the social network’s boldness is paying off, according to new research from Adobe. Adobe looked at the last three months in digital advertising, as it does at the end of every quarter, and highlighted some key shifts in the industry, including a slowdown in Pinterest’s […]

Instagram Unleashes a Fully Operational Ad Business

Istagram’s ad business is growing up fast thanks to a boost of new technology from Facebook. The photo-sharing app with more than 300 million users and counting is opening up to potentially millions of advertisers, with more ad styles and sophisticated targeting tools first honed by its parent company. Instagram is launching ads with “Shop Now” […]

6.1B Smartphone Users Globally By 2020, Overtaking Basic Fixed Phone Subscriptions

Today there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, and while growth has been levelling off in developed markets like the U.S. and Europe, it’s not stalling altogether by a long shot. By 2020, globally there will be 6.1 smartphone users led by huge growth in less mature markets. And with 6.1 billion smartphones in circulation, we […]

AOL Is Verizon’s $4.4 Billion Bet On Mobile Video

To Wall Street, Verizon’s surprise $4.4 billion offer for Internet stalwart AOL is all about ad tech. The market for mobile advertising is booming, with total revenues expected to jump 61% this year to $68.7 billion, according to eMarketer.market for mobile advertising is booming, with total revenues expected to jump 61% this year to $68.7 […]