How to Legally Use Music in Social Media Campaigns (and Why You Should)

music-choices-resizedMusic in advertising has evolved from the jingles of old to the modern sounds of today, as shown by the addition of popular songs by the likes of Beyonce, Icona Pop or Taylor Swift. Studies have consistently demonstrated that the addition of music can take a ho-hum ad spot from dull to unforgettable, such is the power of music.

The role of music in advertising is rarely studied on its own, and statistics as to the prevalence of an ad’s accompanying melodies are few and far between. A 1989 study by Musical Quarterly revealed that approximately three-quarters of ads include music in some way, a ratio that appears relatively stable over the years.

The use of music in advertising is unquestionable – but, do differences in video ad performance exist between the use of royalty-free music and rights managed music? Does one element lead to (or take away) the stickiness that every brand is looking for when they run an ad?

In this post, we’ll discuss all things musical – from the meaning of copyrights to the use of royalty free pieces. Final consideration will be given to the discussion of the differences, if any, between the available types of music licenses. Does one perform better than the other? Let’s see: Read the full article here. is Dominating the Social World of Teens

musicaly2.jpgStep aside Instagram and Snapchat, there’s a new service quietly taking the teen social world by storm. is the hot new place where today’s youth gather online to create, listen to, and share music-based videos with each other. The social platform launched two years ago and already boasts around 60 million users, and climbing. The Shanghai-based company is raising $100 million in funding and is currently valued at a whopping $500 million.

Whether through clothing, art, or music, up and coming generations always look for new and inventive ways to express themselves. taps into the age old love teens have for singing into a hairbrush or playing enthusiastic air drums and kicks it up a notch.

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