Google to Overhaul AdWords User Interface to Reflect Marketing in Multiscreen World

Google said Monday it will redesign the user interface for AdWords so it can better serve marketers who are trying to deliver ads in a multiscreen world. While AdWords has seen a handful of minor updates previously, the redesign will be the first major overhaul of AdWords’ interface since it was created more than 15 […]

Google Drops Text Ads From Right Side Of Search Results Page, Agencies Weigh In

Google confirmed Saturday that it will stop serving paid-search advertisements on the right side of search engine query page results, with some exceptions. The change sparked concern among search marketers supporting paid-search advertisements and search engine optimization. “We’ve been testing this layout for a long time, so some people might see it on a very small […]


If you’re a website owner, one of your primary goals will be to optimize your site to ensure it ranks high on Google in order to increase organic traffic. When it comes to optimizing your website content and other on page factors, it’s important to not only understand what can positively affect your rankings, but […]

Both paid social and search are growing due to increased use of smartphones and publishers who know how to tailor their advertising to mobile users. Kenshoo’s new infographic highlights mobile as a key driver for paid social and search advertising. “Mobile year-over-year spending increased 159% for paid social ads and 66% for paid search; mobile […]