New Report Finds Snapchat, TikTok Outpace Instagram in Teen Popularity

While the ship seems to have sailed on Facebook being the top social platform among younger audiences, Facebook, of course, still has Instagram to maintain connection with the youth. Or ‘had’ – according to a new survey conducted by research firm Piper Sandler, Instagram, too, now seems to be losing ground, with Snapchat and TikTok seeing higher […]

Snapchat Publishes New Research into How Snapchatters Are Adapting to COVID-19

Snapchat has this week published some new insights into how Snapchatters are feeling about the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns, and the impact of the pandemic on society more broadly. Snapchat’s predominantly younger audience is in an interesting position here – while research shows that, in general, COVID-19 doesn’t affect younger people as severely as it does those in older brackets, […]

Snapchat Sees Higher Usage Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns, Outlines Key Trends of Note

As with all social platforms, Snapchat has been seeing a lot more usage of late, as people stuck inside amid the COVID-19 lockdowns seek an outlet and a means to stay connected with the world beyond their homes. This week, Snapchat has provided an update on the specific usage trends it’s seeing in its app, along with […]

Worldwide Snapchat Usage to Grow More than 14% This Year

Following a redesign in late 2017 that prompted some US users to leave the platform and stifled growth elsewhere, Snapchat is making a comeback. New features and a rebuilt Android platform are giving the social network new momentum. In its latest forecast on worldwide social network users, eMarketer has upgraded its estimates for Snapchat users […]

Snapchat Publishes New Research on Gen Z Brand Discovery and Loyalty Behavior

Snapchat has published a new research report, conducted in partnership with CASSANDRA, which looks at Gen Z shopping trends, including product discovery behavior and their expectations of brands. And while most of the findings are as you would expect, there are some relevant notes that marketers should take into consideration when looking to connect with the next […]