McDonald’s to hire more U.S. workers this summer, some via Snapchat

McDonald’s started accepting “Snaplications” in Australia last month, allowing job seekers to begin the hiring process via Snapchat, with a a special filter that shows them wearing a McDonald’s uniform. The fast-food chain is expanding that hiring innovation to the U.S. McDonald’s said it will hire more U.S. workers this summer to staff french fry […]

Snapchat Opens Up Its Ad Business Even More to Help Brands Buy Geofilter Ads Automatically

Snapchat wants brands to buy a lot of geofilters that layer fun text and graphics over users’ photos and videos. On Monday, the app opened up its API (application programming interface) a bit more, letting brands buy the location-based promos automatically. More than 15 of Snapchat’s ad partners in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada, including […]

It’s getting harder and harder to tell Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter apart

The world’s most popular social apps are starting to look a little … similar. As companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap have evolved, they’ve started to borrow product ideas from each other in the hope of building an all-in-one experience. These networks are ad-supported, which means the more time users spend inside their app, […]