This ad will self-destruct in 5,4,3…

Who says ephemeral marketing can’t work? Certainly not the peeps at Snapchat. I mean, hey, everything already comes at us a mile-a-minute these days anyway, right? Our attention spans have been reduced to gnat-like proportions. And maybe we’ll be more likely to remember something that is only there for an instant? Either way, it’s […]

Report: Facebook Working on Another Snapchat Competitor, Slingshot

Just weeks after finally putting its would-be Snapchat killer Poke to rest, Facebook may be looking to test the disappearing-message waters again with a Snapchat rival called Slingshot. The Financial Times reports that Facebook has been working for several months on an ephemeral messaging app by that name. The app lets users send short video messages by tapping their […]