Instagram Tests Reels Button on Lower Function Bar in Some Regions

This is interesting. Last week, when Instagram released its TikTok-inspired Reels functionality into more regions, amid ongoing speculation about the future of TikTok in the US, tech analyst Josh Constine noted that one of the key flaws of Reels, at launch, is that there’s no front page presence for the functionality, making it more difficult to find Reels content. […]

TikTok Valued at Around $30 Billion, as Microsoft Evaluates Takeover Offer

How much is TikTok actually worth? Some estimates have put the app at close to $50 billion, given its meteoric growth and large user base. Official predictions suggest that Microsoft, or any other suitor, will need to pony up between $10b and $30b to purchase the short-form video app – and for comparison, Instagram is reportedly worth around $100 billion. […]

LinkedIn Revenue Up 10%, Sessions Up 27%, in Latest Performance Update

LinkedIn’s revenue was up 10% in the most recent quarter, while user engagement continued to rise, as the platform navigates the various impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. The insights come from parent-company Microsoft’s Q4 2020 report – and while we no longer get more detailed insight into LinkedIn’s usage and engagement, as we did before the professional […]

Pinterest Releases New Data on Rising Search Trends Amid COVID-19

As we work our way through the next stage of lockdowns and impacts due to COVID-19, Pinterest has this week shared some new insights into key search trends on its platform, which focus on wellness, positivity – and even, surprisingly, ‘starting a new business’. It seems that the lockdowns have forced many to re-assess what they want […]