The Advertiser’s Guide to Social Media Demographics

Social_Media_Demographics_blog_infographics_FacebookNearly 70% of all U.S. adults use at least one social media app, with each platform having a different purpose and offering advertisers different ways to engage with their audience.

Along with this, there are different user demographics for each network – the same people aren’t on, or as active, across every social media network that’s available. Some age groups are more engaged in one platform while some levels of income are more active in another.

It’s important to know where to find each of these audiences to better optimize your ad campaigns. In this post, we provide an overview of the social media usage statistics you need to know for each of the major networks.

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The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in October [Infographic]

Facebook has released its latest ‘Hot Topics’ report, covering the month of October. And while the data is behind time, the monthly Hot Topics reports provide some key insight, a quick bit of perspective into not only what’s being most discussed amongst Facebook’s audience (now more than 2 billion people), but also by who, with the listings divided into age and gender.

That breakdown can provide some great information for those working to ensure they have a solid understanding of their audience, and potential new areas of interest worth exploring.

So what got the most attention on Facebook and Instagram last month?

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in October [Infographic] | Social Media Today
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What Pinterest’s Hashtag Announcement Really Tells Us

pinterest(11)Pinterest recently announced that hashtags are now a working feature on the platform. The announcement will enable Pinners to easily discover new content, as well as ensure their content is seen by more, yet relevant users.

The focus of the announcement is clearly rested on users, however, the clear winner here is Pinterest.

Worst case scenario, Pinners don’t utilize the feature similar to what occurred with the rollout of the feature by Facebook.

The difference here is that for Pinners, utilizing hashtags on the platform is not too foreign of a concept, as tagging is the common practice on the network.

With many winning scenarios possible, the announcement updates actually provide some indication of what Pinterest would ideally like to see happen with Pinterest hashtags:

1. Pinners are recommended to utilize “no more than 20 hashtags” and to be descriptive as possible.

What this really tells us:

Pinterest would like a robust dataset offering per pin, but has likely figured out internally that anything beyond 20 hashtags is territory of the non-relevant. Building out robust search capabilities by utilizing the behaviors of social media users is tricky, and instructing Pinners to be succinct, yet descriptive, is a strong boundary to establish.

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