Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search to U.S. English Users

Facebook announced Wednesday morning that Graph Search has been formally rolled out to all Facebook users utilizing the network in U.S. English. Graph Search, a relatively new feature unveiled in January, was already in use by some users who chose to opt-in to the feature as beta testers, but will now be automatically available to the rest of […]

Facebook: Here’s How Your News Feed Works

Your Facebook News Feed is a hodgepodge of information: some of it you love, some of it you hate, and some of it may just make you scratch your head. The average user’s News Feed has around 1,500 possible stories filtered through per day, according to Lars Backstrom, engineering manager for Facebook’s News Feed ranking. But only 20% of […]

Facebook’s Reach Rivals TV, Social Net To Launch Video Ads

Video ads are coming to Facebook, in case you hadn’t heard. The social network plans to ask up to $2.5 million a spot for a daylong run of TV-style ads that play automatically in users’ news feeds, per a Bloomberg report. That followed an Ad Age report last month that Facebook had pushed back plans to launch video […]

This Is How a Star-Studded Awards Show Looks Through Google Glass

Glass is Google’s wearable technology that responds to voice commands and hand gestures. Univision’s inclusion of Glass along with the Spanish-language network’s extensive social integrations made Premios Juventud the most-social program and network on July 18, attracting nearly 1.5 million social interactions. Read full article here