8 Ways to Use Instagram’s API

Instagram has become one of the web’s most popular platforms for photo and video sharing. To help users integrate the social network even further into their daily lives, it has released a public application programming interface (API). For those who have never heard the term before, an API is a seamless software-to-software interface, meaning there is […]

What to Expect From Instagram Ads

Get ready for promoted Instagram hashtags and accounts, as well as brands you don’t follow popping up in your feed. Last week, Instagram’s director of business operations Emily White toldThe Wall Street Journal that the popular photo and video sharing platform will roll out an ad model within the year. With Instagram’s large user-base — it […]

10 Hot Social Networks to Watch

Have you ever dropped into Facebook to check your news feed, only to be amazed how many unfamiliar names fill your screen? Lab partners from seventh grade, friends’ parents; it’s enough to spur another friend purge (or an exodus). As the social networking giant expands its user base, it’s only natural to seek out a niche that […]