Spotify’s User Growth Continues as Pandora Plateaus

Pandora is the most popular music streaming service in the US. But that will change in the coming years, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on digital audio listeners. This year, Pandora will have 75.9 million users in the US, compared with 58.4 million for Spotify. However, eMarketer expects Pandora’s user base in the US will […]

Spotify’s IPO was both a success and an uncertain forecast for the future of music

Spotify’s initial public offering today was both a success and a tepid forecast for the future of music streaming. The company’s shares closed today at $149.60, up 12 percent from the initial reference price of $132, but down from a high of $165.90 when shares debuted on the New York Stock Exchange this morning. That gives the Swedish […]

DIGITAL Spotify Hits 140 Million Monthly Active Users After Adding 40 Million in Just One Year

Spotify announced today that it has 140 million monthly active users, up from 100 million a year ago. The music service declined to say how many of the 140 million are on commercial-free subscription plans and how many listen for free with ads. In March, Spotify—which continues to compete in the on-demand listening space with Apple Music, Pandora […]

Infographic: 72% of Spotify Listeners Are Millennials. Here’s How They Use the Service

Music streaming services are more popular than ever, and, naturally, no group is leading the charge more than millennials. One of the most popular of those services is Spotify, which provided Adweek with exclusive data to get a better look at this demo. “As the largest global streaming service, we have a deep understanding of […]

Spotify tripled its losses in two years. Is streaming audio in trouble?

The financial data, revealed in a public document in Luxembourg and reviewed by the New York Times, comes as the company is reportedly preparing to enter the streaming video market. That move could entice more advertising money, which would help alleviate the losses. Spotify blamed the losses on costs associated with product development, expansion and licensing, […]