Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.51.49 AM.pngIf you’re the kind of person who looks for patterns, you have a lot to work with in this batch of Super Bowl spots. Despite each 30-second commercial costing upwards of $5 million, on par with recent years, there was a lot of mediocrity. There’s also lots of jokes about robots. They’re in beer ads, potato chip ads, home security ads and, well, Alexa ads. It’s almost as if we’re afraid of something. Then there are the women: Advertisers appear to have glommed on to the fact that half the Big Game audience is female. Imagine that! Enter Serena Williams for Bumble and Sarah Michelle Gellar for Olay. Brands steered clear of any controversial issues or potential political hot potatoes. Which is for the best: Why fumble when you can blitz with gags? Well, we’ll get to that. Anyway, we heard there was a game on, too.

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5 Ways Marketers Can Maximize Their Super Bowl Game Plan With Social Advertising

superbowl-social-marketing-PAGE-2018With linear TV audiences more fragmented than ever, the Super Bowl is one of the last remaining TV events that still draws large audiences at scale. Last year’s showdown between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons not only corralled 111.3 million television viewers, but it was also the most talked-about television program on social media ever, with over 48 million people joining the Super Bowl conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

While the Big Game goes down on the big screen, TV viewers will be discussing the action on mobile and engaging with video content on social media. Of Facebook’s 240 million game-time interactions in 2017, 90 percent took place on mobile.

Social advertising has already cemented itself as a key component (and metric) of Super Bowl ad buys and makes up a large part of every brand’s advertising strategy for live sports and entertainment. Here are five tips on how to maximize the impact of your Super Bowl game plan with social advertising:

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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Everything We Know About 2016’s Commercials (Via Adweek)

Welcome to Adweek’s Super Bowl Ad Tracker for 2016, an up-to-date list of the brands running Super Bowl spots and the agencies involved in creating them.

Leading up to game day on Feb. 7, CBS is reportedly holding back a handful of 30-second spots, priced “north of $5 million a spot,” for brands hoping to make a late entrance into the Big Game. Overall, ad prices for this year’s game have been up about 11 percent compared to 2015.

Take a look below at all the news, organized by category. As game day approaches, we will continue to update the tracker and include the official ads and previews as they roll out, so be sure to check back regularly.

Recent updates:

  • Laundry detergent brand Persil ProClean is in the Big Game this year.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. and Emily Ratajkowski will star in Buick’s first Super Bowl ad.
  • Outdoor apparel brand Marmot is running its first Super Bowl campaign.
  • Butterfinger released a teaser featuring Billy Eichner.
  • SoFi released its first-ever Super Bowl spot.
  • Snickers rolled out a teaser featuring a hungry Marilyn Monroe.
  • Squarespace tapped comedic duo Key & Peele for its 30-second spot.
  • Pokémon’s full spot is live.

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