Are you ready for a $1,200 iPhone?

Apple is finally slated to reveal the highly-anticipated deluxe anniversary iPhone on Sept. 12, and you will want to buy it immediately — but the sticker price could wind up dampening your excitement for the phone’s next-gen features.   Leaker Benjamin Geskin tweeted out a pricing tier for the new iPhones, citing information from a friend who has a friend at Apple. […]

Facebook and Apple Are About to Take AR Mainstream. Here’s How Marketers Are Gearing Up

This past weekend in New York, the United Nations created a Facebook Live filter for World Humanitarian Day that let users overlay their real-time clips with augmented reality, particularly scrolling copy that told stories about civilians who have been affected by conflict. In Times Square, AR-enhanced videos aired on one of the iconic, commercial intersection’s […]

Over a Third of Millennials in Relationships Spy on Partners’ Digital Correspondence

Well this is something to think about… A sizable number of millennial couples suffer from a breach of digital privacy. But instead of an anonymous hacker, the source of such transgressions comes from closer to home—each other. More than one-third of millennials in relationships read their partner’s texts and emails weekly without permission, according to […]

Facebook Will Soon Let Brands Target Ads at Entire Families or Specific People Within Households

While brands have been buying ads for niche audiences on Facebook for years, they’ll soon be able to target ads down to the specific household. Just in time for the holiday-planning season, the social network is introducing a new household audience feature that will let brands direct ads to entire families or to specific people within a household. The tool, […]

McDonald’s to hire more U.S. workers this summer, some via Snapchat

McDonald’s started accepting “Snaplications” in Australia last month, allowing job seekers to begin the hiring process via Snapchat, with a a special filter that shows them wearing a McDonald’s uniform. The fast-food chain is expanding that hiring innovation to the U.S. McDonald’s said it will hire more U.S. workers this summer to staff french fry […]

11 technologies to watch in 2017

Much like The Force, technology surrounds us, penetrates us and binds together our galaxy, which is why it’s so hard to identify which technologies might have the most significant impact in the coming year. What we can count on in 2017 is that a myriad of innovations will arrive. Some will alter our lives with […]