Let’s Talk About the Most Important Part of the Golden Globes…

No, not who wore who and who won what. And not who was the most, ahem, “over served” (seriously, was everyone just extra toasted this year?!). And no, we’re not even going to talk about why America’s girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence decided to wear a comforter last night (enough people on Twitter and Insta are doing […]

Let’s Talk About Snap, Baby

After SnapChat CEO wunderkind Evan Spiegel turned down Facebook’s purchase offer of $3 Billion…wait, billion?! That can’t be right. No yeah, it says it right here, billion. Huh. Anyway, since then people have been scratching their heads at how SnapChat deigned to turn down such an offer and how they’ll be able to actually monitize […]

Some Guy and Applebee’s, Sittin’ In A Tree…

Writer and fledgling comedian, Chip Zdarsky thought that it would be funny to start interacting with Applebee’s (somewhat quiet) Facebook page on a daily basis. Antics ensued. You have to commend Applebee’s for retaining that earnest personality in the face of what is a clearly a cheeky consumer. In fact, you’re sort of left wondering […]

Another day, another social media platform purchasing a start-up

Pinterest just acquired VisualGraph, a start-up that creates machine vision, image recognition, and visual search technologies. Pinterest stated publicly that they made the move to help user experience – by reading the visual content of what people pin, Pinterest can suggest other relevant content. But the cynical people in the tech world (*cough* everyone *cough*) […]

Old Spice is weird again (always?) and it’s glorious

Check out ‘Mom Song’ – the latest in irreverent spots from fan favorite Old Spice. Essentially it’s a bunch of moms lamenting how quickly their boys are turning into men (with the help of Old Spice, of course) but…well, weirdness like this is best seen, not explained. Needless to say, it’s been fairly viral in […]

Men are from LinkedIn, Women are from Pinterest

Last week Pew released a study revealing that every major social media platform saw an increase in users compared to December 2012 – 73% of those online now use at least one platform with 42% on multiple. But also interesting? Nearly every single platform saw more female users than male with the exception of LinkedIn. […]