YouTube Ads New options for Marketers Looking to Reach Viewers Watching on Home TV Screens

With streaming content consumption soaring during the COVID-19 lockdowns, YouTube is seeing some major shifts in viewing behavior, and it’s now looking to provide new ad options to help marketers tap into these evolving consumption trends. Even before the lockdowns, connected TV viewers were YouTube’s fastest-growing audience segment, as people become more accustomed to watching online content on […]

YouTube Announces New, Celebrity-Fronted Originals to Maximize Lockdown Viewing Trends

With online video consumption reaching new highs during the COVID-19 lockdowns, YouTube has announced a new slate of YouTube Original programming, featuring a range of high-profile celebrities and online influencers, which will help boost interest in YouTube’s exclusive offering. As outlined by YouTube: “Among the announcements, celebrities and educators come together to energize distance learning in “Celebrity Substitute” including […]