Introducing ShiftWear

Everyone wants to rock individual style, so imagine if you could have a connected shoe? Introducing ShiftWear… sneakers that give users creative control over the designs they can instantly animate and display on their sneakers, using their smartphones. How are these not the coolest shoes ever?!

The new ShiftWare shoes are on indiegogo, and have just raised 300,000 USD to get off the ground. They only wanted $25k!

The 9 biggest things from the Apple Watch and MacBook announcement

verge-001.0After months of fanfare, Apple finally announced a date for its smartwatch: April 24th. The timepieces are one of the riskiest ventures Apple has made in years, and they’re going to play a big role in either making smartwatches the new smartphones or sending them back to the panels of Dick Tracy. They’re a push towards blending fashion and tech, with customizable bands; multiple models made of steel, aluminum, and gold; and price tags that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. And they take Apple’s personal computing to new, sometimes slightly creepy levels. Or, as Tim Cook put it, “Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created. It’s not just with you, it’s on you.” See video review here.