YouTube Channel Art Cheat Sheet 2018 [Infographic]

There’s a lot of potential in the Google-owned video platform – but to maximize your opportunities, you need to ensure your presentation is top notch. That’s where this infographic comes in – have put together a listing of the optimal image sizes for each element of your YouTube channel. Like all social platforms, ensuring your images correct will help make your channel look more professional, and stand out in the listings.YouTube_Dimensions_info

YouTube Is Adding 40 Celebrity-Driven Original Programs

youtube-app-messenger-hed-2016With perhaps its boldest bet yet, YouTube is going directly after traditional television advertising dollars with 40 new programs exclusively for the platform. And advertisers appear to be coming back to the fold after brand-safety concerns rocked YouTube several weeks ago.

Tonight, at the digital giant’s BrandCast event in New York, YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl announced that celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Ryan Seacrest and Demi Lovato are creating shows. The big pitch to marketers came toward the end of the first week of the Digital Content NewFronts.

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Google Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Sure YouTube Content Is Safe for Brands

youtube-cleanup-CONTENT-2017-840x460Google is working with third-party companies to make sure YouTube content is safe for brands while also deploying advanced machine learning to better identify content that might be deemed offensive to viewers and advertisers.

A Google spokesperson today told Adweek in a statement that the companies are accredited by the Media Rating Council to conduct ad verification audits but didn’t provide a full list of the third-party companies Google is working with.

“As part of our commitment to provide even more transparency and visibility to our advertising partners, we’ll be working with trusted vendors to provide third-party brand safety reporting on YouTube,” the spokesperson said. “We are working with companies that are MRC-accredited for ad verification on this initiative and will begin integrating these technologies shortly.”

The updates arrive as the advertising giant struggles with how to appease the agencies, brands and governments that have pulled hundreds of millions of dollars from YouTube in recent weeks after their ads appeared alongside offensive videos. In March, Havas UK and others started pulling ad spending after noticing the ads they placed for clients were appearing next to YouTube videos supporting terrorism and racism.

In a weekend interview with Bloomberg News, Google chief business officer Philipp Schindler said the company has flagged at least five times as many offensive videos as it did a few weeks ago.