Inside Twitter’s ambitious plan to change the way we tweet

Twiiter_heatlth_netWhether it’s a celebrity ripping on President Donald Trump or a politician roasting her political rivals, Twitter is the perfect forum for the kind of wisecracks, sarcasm, and snappy one-liners that can go viral just like a LeBron James windmill slam. In many ways, Twitter was built for this. The brevity, the ease of virality, and the general snarkiness of the platform have turned dunking into, as Slate called it, a “delicious sport.”

The problem, though, is obvious to spot: Sure, a Twitter dunk, even a nasty one, can be fantastic to watch. Unless, of course, you play for the other team. Publicly trolling or mocking another Twitter user isn’t conducive to good, clean, productive conversation, which is a problem for a company that’s made facilitating conversations a top priority.

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