A Look at the True Twitter Audience

Reports of Twitter usage can vary widely. The company itself reported that as of September 2010, 175 million accounts had been created. Firms that track unique visitors to Twitter.com tallied between approximately 20 million and 26 million per month last year. Read more @ http://bit.ly/fObRii

Introducing Sling Shop


Sling Shop, a new location-based shopping application, combines traditional loyalty rewards programs with—what else—a virtual slingshot.

The new app, set to debut in Austin, Texas; San Francisco; and Seattle, is the brainchild of iLoop, a mobile marketing firm that helps facilitate mobile campaigns for advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Warner Bros. and E!.

To use Sling Shop, shoppers who visit participating retailers can aim their smartphones at a conspicuously placed iPad. Then using their phone’s touchscreen, they can pull back and “sling” a virtual stone at a target appearing on the iPad. Those who hit the virtual target (which should be pretty much everybody) can earn rewards—discounts, free beverages, points, whatever that retailer decides. Read more @ http://tinyurl.com/4r9bczr

Virtual Test Drive Inside a Print Ad

Who said print ads were dead? Well, not the ones that are digitally activated anyway! Volkswagen in Norway have launched what they claim to be the worlds first test drive inside a print ad, and while I think that might just be debated by a few people, there is no doubt, this a seriously cool print ad that comes alive on your iPhone as you hover it over the road in the ad.

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