Chart of the Day: What clickthrough rate can new Facebook advertisers expect?

facebook-ad-clickthrough-rates-by-industry-2017With declining reach in organic Facebook posts, we are seeing competition on Facebook hot up. Last September Sheryl Sandberg announced that Facebook had passed the 4 million advertiser milestone and that was only 6 months after the 3 million milestone was passed…

If you’re thinking about investing in Facebook advertising you will want to model the return on marketing investment to make the business case. Knowing average clickthrough rates can help you make the case. Facebook’s own Ad Manager will enable you to estimate reach, but what clickthrough rate can you expect on Facebook?

This new research from WordStream’s Facebook advertising customers shows that across sectors clickthrough rates (CTRs) vary from around 0.5% through to 1.6%.

Social Media Image Sizes: The Complete 2017 Cheat Sheet

Social media is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest features can feel like a full-time job. To simplify your social media efforts and reduce your time spent on social, we’ve rounded up the complete 2017 cheat sheet for social media image sizes.

Based on these specifications, you’ll be able to design and schedule posts across your favorite social media channels with full confidence that the quality and dimensions are a perfect fit.


More than likely, your small business has a Facebook for Business page. With over 1.23 billion daily users, creating a Facebook presence is a no-brainer for micro businesses. Make your mark with a well-designed page, and posts that include URLs and clear, quality images. Your small business presence on Facebook should be conversational, informative, and friendly as its users look to it as the place to connect with friends and family.

Here’s the rundown of preferred image sizes for Facebook.


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The Hottest Digital Advertising Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

The world of digital advertising has gone through a lot of changes in recent years.

There’s the increased adoption of social media ads, as well as the sudden surge of video content on the web. And in 2017, we can expect to see a new set of trends and shifts that will further shape the world of digital advertising into the next level.

In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below, which sums up the hottest digital advertising trends this year:

  1. Increased Usage of Mobile Ad Blockers
  2. More Brands Will Use Google AMP and Instant Articles
  3. Mobile Ad Revenue Will Explode
  4. Google and Facebook Continues to Reign
  5. Programmatic Advertising will Rise
  6. More Outstream Videos
  7. Chatbots Will Become a Norm

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the latest trends in digital trends info.png

Snapchat’s 42 Million NFL Viewers Were Big Part in IPO Path

310696875_13201732Snapchat has revealed how big its NFL audience is for the first time since solidifying its extensive partnership with the league, which drew 42 million unique U.S. viewers last season, according to the company.

The messaging and media app shared the numbers ahead of its public offering on Thursday, offering a glimpse into one of its key media relationships, which brings content and ad revenue to the platform. Snapchat went public with close to 160 million daily users and $400 million in ad sales in 2016, and it was valued at almost $30 billion once its stock started trading — that’s more than double what Twitter is worth on Wall Street.

“With Snapchat, we saw this company that was growing quickly and it was reaching this growing audience of young people,” said Blake Stuchin, NFL’s director of digital media business development. “And it’s a very engaged audience of young people and a different form factor than you see in other places.”

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22 Snapchat Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

snapchat-buzzlogixWe’ve been so distracted by the flower crown and puppy filters that we didn’t even know about some of Snapchat’s hidden gems.

For this post, we tested a ton of features we didn’t even know were available to us.

Snapping and sending pics is easy – become a Snapchat super user by incorporating these ideas into your stories each week.

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How to Legally Use Music in Social Media Campaigns (and Why You Should)

music-choices-resizedMusic in advertising has evolved from the jingles of old to the modern sounds of today, as shown by the addition of popular songs by the likes of Beyonce, Icona Pop or Taylor Swift. Studies have consistently demonstrated that the addition of music can take a ho-hum ad spot from dull to unforgettable, such is the power of music.

The role of music in advertising is rarely studied on its own, and statistics as to the prevalence of an ad’s accompanying melodies are few and far between. A 1989 study by Musical Quarterly revealed that approximately three-quarters of ads include music in some way, a ratio that appears relatively stable over the years.

The use of music in advertising is unquestionable – but, do differences in video ad performance exist between the use of royalty-free music and rights managed music? Does one element lead to (or take away) the stickiness that every brand is looking for when they run an ad?

In this post, we’ll discuss all things musical – from the meaning of copyrights to the use of royalty free pieces. Final consideration will be given to the discussion of the differences, if any, between the available types of music licenses. Does one perform better than the other? Let’s see: Read the full article here.