New Report Shows Facebook Engagement in Gradual Decline, as Instagram Rises

Is Facebook usage actually in decline?

Going on the officially reported numbers from Facebook, you would assume that it’s not, but a rising accumulation of third-party data suggests otherwise, with a new report from eMarketer again showing a decline in Facebook usage, and predicting more of the same into the future.


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New Pew Research Report Looks at Key Traits and Trends Among Twitter Users

Pew Research has published a new report which looks at key trends and traits among US Twitter users, and how they relate to the wider population.

And the insights, gleaned from a survey of more than 2,791 adult Twitter users, reveal some important points of note for marketers – to start with, according to the data, the majority of Twitter users are ‘lurkers’ – i.e. they read tweets but don’t often post themselves.

Pew Twitter Report 2019
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