New Report Suggests Facebook’s Data Scandals Will Impact Trust in its Libra Currency Offering

Facebook’s vision of creating an alternative currency that will better connect the world through its platforms could face some significant challenges in take-up – and that’s before you consider the regulatory concerns already raised by officials.

In order to measure the public’s interest in Facebook’s coming Libra currency, and whether people actually intend on using it, messaging and calling app Viber commissioned a survey of 2,000 people in the US and UK(1,000 in each region) to get their impressions of the option.

And the results – as you might expect given Facebook’s more recent track record on data security and privacy – are not overly positive.

In the US, Viber’s research found that nearly half of all Americans say that they would not trust Facebook at all in regards to keeping their information secure – while less than 3% of Americans say they would be willing to try Libra for payments.


New Study Looks at Rising Facebook Video Trends, Based on 9 Million Uploads

Video is the best performing content type on social media – it outperforms all other post types on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. No doubt you’ve heard and read this over and over again, but if you’re not utilizing video, you should be considering it, as it can have a significant impact on your overall digital marketing performance.

Of course, not everyone has the capacity to create standout video content, but it should still be a consideration. All the usage stats and trends point to this.

But within the broader video trend, there are now also emerging patterns of behavior worth noting which can elevate your video efforts even further. For example, the rise of the Stories format has lead to change in the creation and distribution of vertical video – which, in itself, is a relevant trend. The hype around live-streaming has lessened, but it still generates high levels of engagement. These, and more, may be key shifts of note for your video strategy.

To shed some light on this, the team from SocialInsider recently conducted an analysis of more than 9 million video posts on Facebook, from a total of 92k Facebook business Pages. Based on this massive scope, SocialInsider has put together a comprehensive update on key Facebook video trends.

The full report covers a range of elements, but here are some of the highlights from the larger data set.

1. Stories and the emergence of vertical video

As noted, the rise of Stories has changed video consumption – but just how big an influence it’s had may surprise you.

According to the report, vertical video is now the most used video format on Facebook, which could make it a more significant consideration for marketers, based on shifting consumer habits and expectations.

Chart shows Facebook video format trends over time
Read full article HERE.
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