Instagram Unleashes a Fully Operational Ad Business

Istagram’s ad business is growing up fast thanks to a boost of new technology from Facebook. The photo-sharing app with more than 300 million users and counting is opening up to potentially millions of advertisers, with more ad styles and sophisticated targeting tools first honed by its parent company. Instagram is launching ads with “Shop Now” […]

This ad will self-destruct in 5,4,3…

Who says ephemeral marketing can’t work? Certainly not the peeps at Snapchat. I mean, hey, everything already comes at us a mile-a-minute these days anyway, right? Our attention spans have been reduced to gnat-like proportions. And maybe we’ll be more likely to remember something that is only there for an instant? Either way, it’s […]

Happy Creative Week!

The One Club kicks off Creative Week today and we’ve got all the inside information you can handle. Stay tuned to the blog this week for a behind-the-scenes look at the fabulous events honoring the best in advertising from around the globe. It all culminates in the famed One Show this Friday – basically the […]

The “Which Ad Campaigns Worked on You?” Article Has Us Salivating

Jezebel, popular blog and sister site to Gawker, currently has this article on their website and the comments section is really worth a peek. Usually testing and consumer reaction let us know what advertising people *like* but looking into the allusive consumer mind to see what actually *worked* is a fun spin and may have […]

In Case You Didn’t Know About Advertising Tax Deduction Reform

Rep. Dave Camp’s upcoming tax reform package is proposing a limit to the current advertising tax deduction – translation: the cost of advertising will rise and that’s gonna negatively effect the industry, and thus, as the American Advertising Federation is shouting from the rooftops, the US economy as a whole. The entire ad industry, including […]