It’s Not TV, It’s “HBO Now”

HBO recently announced plans to launch HBO Now, a Netflix-style service that streams HBO programming for a price, regardless of whether or not you’re an old fashioned HBO subcriber. Current HBO subscribers already enjoy a taste of this if they use HBO Go, a similar service that comes with channel subscription. This has been a long […]

Let’s Talk About the Most Important Part of the Golden Globes…

No, not who wore who and who won what. And not who was the most, ahem, “over served” (seriously, was everyone just extra toasted this year?!). And no, we’re not even going to talk about why America’s girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence decided to wear a comforter last night (enough people on Twitter and Insta are doing […]

BREAKING: Beyonce destroys internet

At about midnight last night (this morning?) Beyonce decided to break the internet by unexpectedly releasing her latest self-titled “visual album” exclusively on iTunes – to fanfare of epic proportions. Now, we’re by no means a celebrity blog, but we felt that the surprise online release – without any of the usual industry rigmarole of […]