Infographic: Why Moms Love Mobile Marketing

If you want to reach the all-important mom demographic, you’ve got to play right into their smartphone-holding hands. As the Babycenter “2015 U.S. Mobile Mom Report” indicates, two out of three moms use mobile “across the entire purchase funnel”—from initial research to final decision. Moms use mobile devices to shop from home, but they also use […]

12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

Last week was fascinating on so many levels in so many areas—advertising, politics, sports, you name it. So, we found 12 highly interesting stats on such subjects from the digital-marketing world. Here’s the first one…Instagram last week debuted features to make the app more newsy, and it appears to be working. For instance, in the […]

US Digital Ad Spend Hits New $49.5 Billion High In 2014; Mobile & Social See Greatest Growth

In news that should surprise exactly no one, digital ad spend set a new record in 2014, rising to nearly $50 billion in the US, with the biggest overall spend in search and the greatest growth seen in mobile and social. Considering digital advertising is increasingly economically efficient and expertly targeted, it’s kind of a no brainer to […]

You Guys Hear Anything About New York Times This Week?

In the wake of Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s sudden exit from NYT this week – she’s rumored to have been pushed out when she spoke up about gendered pay discrepancy – comes another ill-timed controversy the paper probably didn’t need. Buzzfeed got their hands on a revealing 96-page internal New York Times report that details […]