If you’re a website owner, one of your primary goals will be to optimize your site to ensure it ranks high on Google in order to increase organic traffic. When it comes to optimizing your website content and other on page factors, it’s important to not only understand what can positively affect your rankings, but […]

These Digital Stats Show Exactly Why Google Fears Facebook Ads

Facebook continues to apply pressure to Google’s ad business, showing that the social network’s boldness is paying off, according to new research from Adobe. Adobe looked at the last three months in digital advertising, as it does at the end of every quarter, and highlighted some key shifts in the industry, including a slowdown in Pinterest’s […]

Google is launching a ‘YouTube built for gamers’ to take on Twitch

Google is now officially taking on Twitch. As rumored, the company today announced YouTube Gaming, an app and dedicated website designed to be a home for all its gaming video both live-streamed and on demand. YouTube Gaming will launch this summer starting in the US and UK. Google is positioning YouTube Gaming as a separate experience […]

Google Now Competing With Its Own Investments

An Uber investor since 2013, Google is now reportedly experimenting with its own ride-sharing app similar to Uber – but with self-driving cars. This is understandably getting some attention…and ticking off Uber execs. Now Uber is investing in map and self-driving technology. Some say it’s a bit too-little-too-late for Uber to be exploring technologies that Google […]

How To Tell If Your Brand’s April Fools Joke Was A Joke

Here’s a round up of some of this year’s best branded April Fools efforts. One thing we’re seeing this year is that it’s no longer enough to just share a funny picture or post. The biggest and best-received stunts were larger in scale – from well-executed videos (like YouTube’s perfectly cheesy meme themed infomercial) to […]

Global Mobile Ad Spend Jumped 105% In 2013, On Track For $31.5B In 2014

With nearly 40% of internet time now taking place on mobile devices – and mobile devices already surpassing PCs in online retail – this headline shouldn’t come as much of a shock. Companies like Google and Facebook (heard of ’em?) are, not surprisingly, the top dogs leading the mobile charge, with the latter now making […]