The 100 Best iPhone Apps of All Time

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” Those words were spoken by Steve Jobs when he unveiled the iPhone in 2007. He was partially right. While it was the iPhone that jumpstarted the smartphone industry, it was the introduction of the first third-party apps a year later that really […]

It’s Not TV, It’s “HBO Now”

HBO recently announced plans to launch HBO Now, a Netflix-style service that streams HBO programming for a price, regardless of whether or not you’re an old fashioned HBO subcriber. Current HBO subscribers already enjoy a taste of this if they use HBO Go, a similar service that comes with channel subscription. This has been a long […]

Would You Swipe Right For Tinder Plus?

In case you missed it, Tinder Plus was unveiled today. In addition to its new features, the app is making headlines with its pricing model, which varies based on your demo and geo. We’ll see if paying for your age/sex/location make people feel judged… In a time when the next dating app always seems to be […]

Welcome To Your Latest Time Suck: QuizUp

It’s time to take a break from playing Words with Friends with your high school boyfriend’s mom and download QuizUp – everyone else is! The game allows you to play other users in a battle of trivia-related wits on fun topics of your choosing (this nerd chose X-Files). And it nabbed an impressive 9 million […]