Spotify tripled its losses in two years. Is streaming audio in trouble?

The financial data, revealed in a public document in Luxembourg and reviewed by the New York Times, comes as the company is reportedly preparing to enter the streaming video market. That move could entice more advertising money, which would help alleviate the losses.┬áSpotify blamed the losses on costs associated with product development, expansion and licensing, […]

Introducing Shutterstock Music

Shutterstock is launching Shutterstock Mysic – bringing its stock photography model to the music licensing market. This is something a lot of cash-strapped clients/agencies have been wanting for a while – an easily searchable and fairly comprehensive (60K tracks so far) online music database where purchasing a track (starting at $79 per track) comes with […]

BREAKING: Beyonce destroys internet

At about midnight last night (this morning?) Beyonce decided to break the internet by unexpectedly releasing her latest self-titled “visual album” exclusively on iTunes – to fanfare of epic proportions. Now, we’re by no means a celebrity blog, but we felt that the surprise online release – without any of the usual industry rigmarole of […]