Extra! Extra! Facebook Becomes A Publisher (Sorta)

This week Facebook launched a new feature that allows for publications like the New York Times and Buzzfeed to post articles directly to the social network. Since publications already depend on Facebook to promote and distribute their content, this seems like a natural next step (though perhaps an odd user experience). Jury’s out  on what it […]

Google Now Competing With Its Own Investments

An Uber investor since 2013, Google is now reportedly experimenting with its own ride-sharing app similar to Uber – but with self-driving cars. This is understandably getting some attention…and ticking off Uber execs. Now Uber is investing in map and self-driving technology. Some say it’s a bit too-little-too-late for Uber to be exploring technologies that Google […]

You Guys Hear Anything About New York Times This Week?

In the wake of Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s sudden exit from NYT this week – she’s rumored to have been pushed out when she spoke up about gendered pay discrepancy – comes another ill-timed controversy the paper probably didn’t need. Buzzfeed got their hands on a revealing 96-page internal New York Times report that details […]

Hinge Is Better Than Tinder (The New York Times Said So)

Yesterday’s Sunday edition of the New York Times featured an article about *it* dating app, Hinge, which uses Facebook connect to match users with friends of friends for a much lower creep-factor than the average dating app experience. In fact, the app’s success seems to be hinged (sorry) on the ways it is not like […]

Netfix Going After Oscar

And why not? With two Emmy wins for their original program House of Cards and more predicted for the recent hit Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has been making history as the first non-TV network to win at the prestigious TV awards. It now seems quite possible that the on-demand streamer could win the […]

No, this is not an error

No, we aren’t having technical difficulties and yes, your page loaded just fine. You’re actually looking at an advertisement that ran in the New York Times today – a full two pages completely blank, save for a tiny URL at the bottom of the second page. The URL leads you to a site and trailer […]