Too Many Cooks is the Viral Video You Need To Know About Right Now

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no wi-fi, you have likely seen or heard about Adult Swim’s 80s/90s sitcom theme song parody Too Many Cooks. A pinch of nostalgia play, a scoop of absurdist comedy, a dash of instant meme generator, all gold. Don’t be daunted by the length – this video starts as a simple parody and […]

How was your ’90s Bowl?

Full House, Seinfeld, Matrix, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bruce Willis…RadioShack. Anyone else feel like they had suddenly stepped back into that sweet, sweet era of Spice Girls, Beanie Babies, and Y2K fear? Did all the reunions help entertain you during an otherwise boring game? Does this feel like the peak of nostalgia advertising? Would anyone […]