Cars, Robots & Wearables – Oh My!

#TechiesInVegas was trending hard this past week, as the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show was underway with the wacky and weird products, devices and technology of the future (though many were disappointed to see a severe lack in hover boards). Word on the web is that the big trends of this year’s convention were “wearables” and automated technology. But, […]

Snapchat Introduces Snapcash

If you have Snapchat, you likely received a shortened version of the above video from Team Snapchat yesterday, introducing their new Venmo-like (Venmo-identical?) feature that allows users to send cash to each other electronically over the app. It seems the app valued at $10 billion is looking to put their valuation where their mouth is […]

This ad will self-destruct in 5,4,3…

Who says ephemeral marketing can’t work? Certainly not the peeps at Snapchat. I mean, hey, everything already comes at us a mile-a-minute these days anyway, right? Our attention spans have been reduced to gnat-like proportions. And maybe we’ll be more likely to remember something that is only there for an instant? Either way, it’s […]

Facebook Flubs SnapChat Clone Release (Again)

First they tried to buy SnapChat. Then they made Poke (it’s ok, no one else rememebers either). Now Facebook accidentally revealed their third attempt at joining the disappearing-message game by releasing Slingshot to the app store before intended. It appears that Slingshot is pretty much exactly like SnapChat except for a little twist – users […]

SnapChatChat / FourSquare Divided By 2

This week brought us a slew of mobile app headlines, so you’ll have to excuse my double pun. First, SnapChat debuted their new messaging service that is hoping to beat the rest (here’s looking at you, WhatsApp) by taking the most IRL approach to text messaging and content sharing. Seems like a natural transition – […]

Let’s Talk About Snap, Baby

After SnapChat CEO wunderkind Evan Spiegel turned down Facebook’s purchase offer of $3 Billion…wait, billion?! That can’t be right. No yeah, it says it right here, billion. Huh. Anyway, since then people have been scratching their heads at how SnapChat deigned to turn down such an offer and how they’ll be able to actually monitize […]