Portlandia’s Super Bowl Live Tweeting Was Better Than Yours And They Didn’t Have To Spend Any Money

Among all the big budget social media campaigns that surrounded this year’s Super Bowl, Portlandia’s effort actually turned out to be one of the best. In advance of its upcoming 4th season premier, the show’s marketing team gave Twitter control to a volunteer at Portland’s feminist bookstore In Other Words (a frequent filming location). She […]

How was your ’90s Bowl?

Full House, Seinfeld, Matrix, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bruce Willis…RadioShack. Anyone else feel like they had suddenly stepped back into that sweet, sweet era of Spice Girls, Beanie Babies, and Y2K fear? Did all the reunions help entertain you during an otherwise boring game? Does this feel like the peak of nostalgia advertising? Would anyone […]

Newcastle Getting More Attention for Not Being in the Super Bowl Than Most Brands Get for Being In It

If Newcastle wanted viral attention for its irreverent, self-referential non-Super Bowl ad released last week – they got it. And they’re continuing the non-campaign with more funny videos and branded content that actually makes fun of itself for being branded content. And it’s funny. Now, not everyone can do this and it is likely to […]

CarMax releases a shot-for-shot remake of its Super Bowl spot…WITH PUPPIES

CarMax has done a great job here combining two new-ish but beloved Super Bowl traditions – teasing out your Super Bowl spot…AND ALSO PUPPIES. Don’t think puppies are a Super Bowl tradition? Tell that to the PUPPY BOWL. (Sorry, puppies make us excited…) Click through to find the original spot.