6.1B Smartphone Users Globally By 2020, Overtaking Basic Fixed Phone Subscriptions

Today there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, and while growth has been levelling off in developed markets like the U.S. and Europe, it’s not stalling altogether by a long shot. By 2020, globally there will be 6.1 smartphone users led by huge growth in less mature markets. And with 6.1 billion smartphones in circulation, we […]

AOL Is Verizon’s $4.4 Billion Bet On Mobile Video

To Wall Street, Verizon’s surprise $4.4 billion offer for Internet stalwart AOL is all about ad tech. The market for mobile advertising is booming, with total revenues expected to jump 61% this year to $68.7 billion, according to eMarketer.market for mobile advertising is booming, with total revenues expected to jump 61% this year to $68.7 […]

Infographic: How Becoming a Mom Changes Millennials’ Buying and Media Habits

BabyCenter teamed up with the Interactive Advertising Bureau to poll mostly first-time, millennial moms on how motherhood changed the way they thought about brands and used media. It included the findings in its 2015 State of Modern Motherhood report. “Year over year, figures clearly show U.S. millennial moms are spending more time with media overall, […]

Meerkat Launches Developer Platform To Differentiate From Periscope (via Techcrunch)

How did it feel getting cut off by Twitter with just 2 hours notice? “It sucked” says Meerkat founder Ben Rubin. That’s why it’s determined to treat developers with more respect. In the nine weeks since Meerkat launched, 37 developers have built companion experiences to the livestreaming apps on its unofficial, private API, including stream […]

Twitter Launches Retweet With Comment

Twitter keeps rolling out the good ideas. First there was Periscope (RIP Meerkat) and now, in what feels like a long-time-coming feature, Twitter finally allows users to retweet while adding comments. Previously, users had to do this manually AND faced a character limit imposed by the length of the tweet they were retweeting. And TweetHeads […]

Would You Swipe Right For Tinder Plus?

In case you missed it, Tinder Plus was unveiled today. In addition to its new features, the app is making headlines with its pricing model, which varies based on your demo and geo. We’ll see if paying for your age/sex/location make people feel judged… In a time when the next dating app always seems to be […]

Branded Content Is No “Trick”

This recent article about Buzzfeed’s revenue model and seamless branded content integration openly wonders if those sponsored listicles are nothing more than a “trick”. A commercial wolf in editorial clothing. But if a piece of branded content is transparently branded while also offering true entertainment value to the reader/consumer…where’s the trick in that? Let us know what you think in […]

Introducing Shutterstock Music

Shutterstock is launching Shutterstock Mysic – bringing its stock photography model to the music licensing market. This is something a lot of cash-strapped clients/agencies have been wanting for a while – an easily searchable and fairly comprehensive (60K tracks so far) online music database where purchasing a track (starting at $79 per track) comes with […]

Flipboard to buy Zite from CNN

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “What are all those things?” and also “Why do I care?” God, so needy. Fine, I’ll tell you. “What is Flipboard?”: A magazine style app that aggregates stories via social platforms. Facebook’s Paper app, which we’ve written about here, seems to be modeled after it. “Ok. But what is […]