Introducing ShiftWear

Everyone wants to rock individual style, so imagine if you could have a connected shoe? Introducing ShiftWear… sneakers that give users creative control over the designs they can instantly animate and display on their sneakers, using their smartphones. How are these not the coolest shoes ever?! The new ShiftWare shoes are on indiegogo, and have […]

Farewell To Flash: What It Means For Digital Video Publishers

It’s been more than five years since Steve Jobs wrote his infamous “Thoughts on Flash” letter citing the high level of energy consumption, lack of performance on mobile and poor security as the reasons his company’s products would not support Adobe Flash technology. Finally, it appears we’re getting closer to the curtain closing on Flash. Not […]

Televisions Are No Longer the Screen of Choice for Kids

A new study that examines media consumption among the footie-pajama set may provide a clue to the root cause of an ongoing ratings drought wreaking havoc on kids’ cable ratings. According to a research report from Miner & Co. Studio, televisions are no longer the screen of choice for kids who have ready access to […]

Infographic: How Becoming a Mom Changes Millennials’ Buying and Media Habits

BabyCenter teamed up with the Interactive Advertising Bureau to poll mostly first-time, millennial moms on how motherhood changed the way they thought about brands and used media. It included the findings in its 2015 State of Modern Motherhood report. “Year over year, figures clearly show U.S. millennial moms are spending more time with media overall, […]

Global Tablet Audience to Hit 1 Billion This Year

The worldwide tablet audience has a few more years of double-digit growth in store, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast for usage of the devices around the globe. We estimate that this year, 1.00 billion people will use a tablet at least monthly, including people who own their own tablet as well as those who use […]

Meerkat Launches Developer Platform To Differentiate From Periscope (via Techcrunch)

How did it feel getting cut off by Twitter with just 2 hours notice? “It sucked” says Meerkat founder Ben Rubin. That’s why it’s determined to treat developers with more respect. In the nine weeks since Meerkat launched, 37 developers have built companion experiences to the livestreaming apps on its unofficial, private API, including stream […]

Google Now Competing With Its Own Investments

An Uber investor since 2013, Google is now reportedly experimenting with its own ride-sharing app similar to Uber – but with self-driving cars. This is understandably getting some attention…and ticking off Uber execs. Now Uber is investing in map and self-driving technology. Some say it’s a bit too-little-too-late for Uber to be exploring technologies that Google […]

Cars, Robots & Wearables – Oh My!

#TechiesInVegas was trending hard this past week, as the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show was underway with the wacky and weird products, devices and technology of the future (though many were disappointed to see a severe lack in hover boards). Word on the web is that the big trends of this year’s convention were “wearables” and automated technology. But, […]