Which Brand Won March Madness?!

Sure, the sports part of March Madness was pretty cool, I guess. But what about the really interesting part?! Of course I’m talking about the ads! In a mock bracket, a┬áresearch company analyzed 16 March Madness television advertisers during the entire NCAA tournament to figure out which companies got the biggest brand lifts through social […]

New, Ahem, Trojan Ads Are Actually Sweet and Normal

Usually condom ads are pretty hokey. But the latest Trojan spots are getting a lot of positive write-ups for portraying the subject matter in a playful, sweet, and normalized light, while remaining very PG. So it’s pleasing pearl-clutchers and heathens alike – not an easy feat. Click through and check ’em out.

Old Spice is weird again (always?) and it’s glorious

Check out ‘Mom Song’ – the latest in irreverent spots from fan favorite Old Spice. Essentially it’s a bunch of moms lamenting how quickly their boys are turning into men (with the help of Old Spice, of course) but…well, weirdness like this is best seen, not explained. Needless to say, it’s been fairly viral in […]

You guys hear any news from Twitter lately?

Oh, you know, just that the company – valued at roughly $18 billion – began it’s IPO today with a price of $26 a share. People are feeling all kinds of things about this – nervous (that we may see a repeat of the glitches that marred Facebook’s trading debut last year), skeptical (at Twitter’s […]

Netfix Going After Oscar

And why not? With two Emmy wins for their original program House of Cards and more predicted for the recent hit Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has been making history as the first non-TV network to win at the prestigious TV awards. It now seems quite possible that the on-demand streamer could win the […]

Facebook wants to kill TV, Twitter wants to steal from it

Here at Merks, we talk a lot about the fusion of traditional and digital media. It’s naive to think that the rise of the latter means the obliteration of the former. Contrary to its incendiary headline, this article from the Houston Chronicle discusses how two of the biggest social players plan to incorporate/influence/absorb TV into […]