Twitter Launches Retweet With Comment

Twitter keeps rolling out the good ideas. First there was Periscope (RIP Meerkat) and now, in what feels like a long-time-coming feature, Twitter finally allows users to retweet while adding comments. Previously, users had to do this manually AND faced a character limit imposed by the length of the tweet they were retweeting. And TweetHeads […]

Despite skepticism, Twitter delivers for brands

It’s gotten increasingly difficult to tell whether Twitter is an over-, under- or accurately rated tool for brands and publishers. Wall Streeters have recently called for Dick Costolo to be ousted as CEO, even though Madison Avenue has gone to the mat for him. Also recently, digital media consultants BRaVe Ventures said the naysayers were wrong; Twitter is poised for […]

#BreakTheInternet Part 2 – Dave & Busters Edition

Whoops. Dave & Buster’s has since apologized for the ill-conceived tweet, but it seems that the damage was certainly done. Follow the full story – here. Somewhere Kim is missing the attention. On a separate note, I’m really digging the longevity of the #BreakTheInternet hashtag – it looks like it may extend beyond the original Kim Kardashian […]

Portlandia’s Super Bowl Live Tweeting Was Better Than Yours And They Didn’t Have To Spend Any Money

Among all the big budget social media campaigns that surrounded this year’s Super Bowl, Portlandia’s effort actually turned out to be one of the best. In advance of its upcoming 4th season premier, the show’s marketing team gave Twitter control to a volunteer at Portland’s feminist bookstore In Other Words (a frequent filming location). She […]

You guys hear any news from Twitter lately?

Oh, you know, just that the company – valued at roughly $18 billion – began it’s IPO today with a price of $26 a share. People are feeling all kinds of things about this – nervous (that we may see a repeat of the glitches that marred Facebook’s trading debut last year), skeptical (at Twitter’s […]