If Twitter Goes Beyond 140 Characters, Brands Will Follow With More Customer Service

If you enjoy the back-and-forth Twitter exchanges between brands like Target or Delta and their querying customers, you’ll like what could be coming soon. Re/code reported today that Twitter is planning to increase the maximum length of tweets beyond the current 140 characters. The microblogging site declined to comment on the report, but if it comes to fruition, […]

Instagram and Pinterest both doubled users over the last 3 years

Social media dynamos Instagram and Pinterest nearly doubled their users between 2012 and 2015, according to a new study — and Pinterest is winning. Pew Research Center, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, surveyed 1,907 adults this spring to learn about their social media habits. Among the discoveries: 31% of all adults who go online now use […]

#CharlieCharlieChallenge Is A Social Media Trend Where Teens Summon Demons With Pencils and Yes The Internet Is Bonkers

The latest Internet #teenmeme (I just made that up and want to trademark it) is about summoning a “Mexican” “demon” named “Charlie” using pencils. Yup. The #CharlieCharlieChallenge has teens trying to summon the demon by crossing two pencils over a yes/no/yes/no grid, asking dear Chuck a question and then waiting for a pencil to move. It shouldn’t come as a […]

Twitter Launches Retweet With Comment

Twitter keeps rolling out the good ideas. First there was Periscope (RIP Meerkat) and now, in what feels like a long-time-coming feature, Twitter finally allows users to retweet while adding comments. Previously, users had to do this manually AND faced a character limit imposed by the length of the tweet they were retweeting. And TweetHeads […]

Despite skepticism, Twitter delivers for brands

It’s gotten increasingly difficult to tell whether Twitter is an over-, under- or accurately rated tool for brands and publishers. Wall Streeters have recently called for Dick Costolo to be ousted as CEO, even though Madison Avenue has gone to the mat for him. Also recently, digital media consultants BRaVe Ventures said the naysayers were wrong; Twitter is poised for […]

#BreakTheInternet Part 2 – Dave & Busters Edition

Whoops. Dave & Buster’s has since apologized for the ill-conceived tweet, but it seems that the damage was certainly done. Follow the full story – here. Somewhere Kim is missing the attention. On a separate note, I’m really digging the longevity of the #BreakTheInternet hashtag – it looks like it may extend beyond the original Kim Kardashian […]

World Cup Final Smashes Social Media Records

If it felt like more people were talking about the World Cup than ever before, it’s because that was wildly true! Germany vs. Argentina was Facebook’s largest single event to date with a 88 million people interacting more than 280 million times via posts, likes and comments. The match also set a new Twitter record for a […]