A First Look at Nielsen’s Total Audience Measurement and How It Will Change the Industry

It’s been two years since Nielsen first began developing a tool to measure viewers across all platforms—not just TV watchers as it has for the last 65 years. Since then, however, the project has attained mythical status among many advertisers, buyers and network executives. “I’ll believe it when I see it,” more than one has told me […]

Hulu Teams With Facebook’s LiveRail and Oracle to Sell Ads This Fall

After emulating traditional, linear TV networks by returning to a weekly release schedule for its new series, Hulu is also following their lead when it comes to advertising. The streaming-video service, owned by Fox, NBCUniversal and Disney, is partnering with Oracle Data Management Platform and Facebook-owned video-ad platform LiveRail to offer programmatic advertising options—automating the buying, […]

Facebook Video Is Booming With 4B Views Per Day

Besides connecting with friends (and seeing 900 engagement and baby photos a day), Facebook is also becoming (is already?) THE place for consuming videos. Billions of videos. Facebook is now serving up more than 4 billion videos to its users daily. The figure is striking in part because it’s increasing so fast: In January, Facebook was showing […]