Jim Beam Leans Into Its Heritage While Adding a Modern ‘Face’ To The Brand

It was announced today that Mila Kunis would be the new “face” of Jim Beam. We’re used to “faces” of fashion labels but it’s semi-rare for an A-lister like Mila to rep a liqour brand, especially a down-home brand like Jim Beam. But if you think this move is the brand’s effort to completely modernize […]

CarMax releases a shot-for-shot remake of its Super Bowl spot…WITH PUPPIES

CarMax has done a great job here combining two new-ish but beloved Super Bowl traditions – teasing out your Super Bowl spot…AND ALSO PUPPIES. Don’t think puppies are a Super Bowl tradition? Tell that to the PUPPY BOWL. (Sorry, puppies make us excited…) Click through to find the original spot.

Old Spice is weird again (always?) and it’s glorious

Check out ‘Mom Song’ – the latest in irreverent spots from fan favorite Old Spice. Essentially it’s a bunch of moms lamenting how quickly their boys are turning into men (with the help of Old Spice, of course) but…well, weirdness like this is best seen, not explained. Needless to say, it’s been fairly viral in […]

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a fun treat for you this morning – this Crest branded video has been making the rounds the past week or so and it’s pretty fantastic. Here are some key take-aways from its success: *Real-time marketing/topical feel *Natural tie back to the brand/product… *…but not overly branded *Authenticity/doesn’t feel rehearsed or overly produced *Children […]