Smirnoff Shows Us A Party You’d Actually Want to Attend

Usually the parties in liquor ads are full of impossibly attractive people having too much fun skinny dipping at impulsive bonfires – these ads are so perfectly curated and forced, you can almost SEE the painfully unhip stiffs coming up with it and awkwardly high-fiving at how much they *get* youths.

But at the risk of sounding like Stefan, this Smirnoff party has everything – comedians from some of your favorite TV shows, awkward yet realistic party dialogue, hipster-bashing, 80s stars who will do anything for a buck, good music, you name it!

And as a side note, kind of digging the strategy behind the video and the tag – Exclusively For Everyone. Make sense that it’d take them to the humor route versus the faux-too-cool-for-school style of their competitors.

Goes down smooth. Unlike that pun I just made.