Nielsen Research for Facebook Shows It Now Edges TV in Reaching Millennials, Hispanics

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.38.47 AMFacebook has been going hard after marketers’ TV budgets, and with some success. Now, it’s coming armed with research from Nielsen suggesting it’s a better reach medium than TV for millennials and Hispanics coveted by so many marketers.

A wide-ranging study using Nielsen’s Homescan panel of consumers and audience-measurement tools shows buying Facebook alone now reaches more of each group than running ads on the 10 most watched TV networks combined — though it also shows that using both Facebook and TV combined reaches a far larger slice of both groups.

Millennials and Hispanics are two of the fastest growing and hence most coveted demographics for a variety of brands. They’re also among the demos most likely to include families with children, particularly coveted by packaged-goods marketers selling everything from diapers to food for home use — because families with kids buy more of each.

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Infographic: Emojis Are Becoming a Preferred Communication Tool Across Demographics

As emojis grow in popularity with consumers, marketers are catching up on the trend. From IHOP’s recent change to a friendly emoji-esque logo to Domino’s Grand Prix win at Cannes for its emoji ordering system, there’s no denying that the playful icons have assumed a place in the cultural zeitgeist.

Emogi, a real-time emotional intelligence platform that decodes sentiment, recently conducted a study about emoji use by consumers and asked people to look at digital ads and rate them using emojis. “Not only do emojis capture nuanced feeling that may not be apparent from simple text,” said Emogi CEO and founder Travis Montaque, “but it is an easier way for consumers to give advertisers feedback so that they can leverage it to improve their marketing initiatives.”

The study yielded interesting results that may help brands better engage with the consumer through timing and the right messaging. Check out the research highlights below:


Facebook Product Innovations and Updates

facebook-iphone-6Facebook announced a number of new features to be rolled out in the Facebook Ads platform over Q4 of 2015. These new features include:

  • TRP (Target Ratings Points) Buying, to be used in conjunction with TV campaigns
  • Brand Awareness Optimization
  • Video Ads available in the Carousel format



Facebook’s introduction of TRP buying (target rating point) allows advertisers to plan, buy and measure Facebook video ads similar to TV is planned and bought. In-target TRP delivery is verified by Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings measurement system, and can be further verified for Facebook and TV together. Essentially, the introduction of TRP Buying transforms Facebook Ads from a purely digital medium into a synergistic tool to be used to complement TV. M+P participated in studies paring TV with Facebook Ads, resulting in higher targeted reach, ad memorability, brand linkage, and likeability linkage across the board. By combining the broad reach of TV with the levels of targeting available through Facebook, we expect TRP Buying to bring higher performance and synergy to TV/social campaigns. Given the early success of the product, M+P will recommend when appropriate to support/align with national TV buys.



The introduction of Brand Awareness Optimization bidding is designed to increase ad recall and ensure marketers are reaching brand awareness goals. When optimizing for awareness, Facebook will take into account reach and attention (based on how long a user spends on an ad). This strategy will be available in the auction as well as the Reach/Frequency tool. This tactic will be tested for effectiveness of large-scale awareness campaigns, i.e. product launches. By leveraging the Reach/Frequency tool, we should be able to lock in favorable CPM’s while ensuring that our ads aren’t just being served but are being seen and remembered.



Facebook has updated the Carousel ad format to include video in the first carousel slot. This gives advertisers another powerful tool for storytelling in a single ad unit. The auto-play video catches the users attention, and can help lead down the sales funnel with more product-focused images further in the carousel. This new functionality will be especially useful for displaying a new line of products or a series of promotions.

More to come as M+P will work with clients to include these new features in our 2016 strategy.

If Twitter Goes Beyond 140 Characters, Brands Will Follow With More Customer Service

twitter-birds-talking-hed-2015If you enjoy the back-and-forth Twitter exchanges between brands like Target or Delta and their querying customers, you’ll like what could be coming soon.

Re/code reported today that Twitter is planning to increase the maximum length of tweets beyond the current 140 characters. The microblogging site declined to comment on the report, but if it comes to fruition, the move would seem to open up the floodgates for customer service. Retailers and airlines would be able to have more complete conversations with patrons while quelling concerns, at least in theory, with fewer tweets.

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