Google’s first phone is first-rate

20161017-google-pixel-explodedAt long last — almost eight years to the day from when the first Android phone went on sale — Google is launching a smartphone for which it designed the hardware, software and cloud ecosystem: The Pixel. No longer will the tech giant be entirely dependent on other companies to present Android in its best light, or on hardware that varied wildly but was never built from the ground up to be the best physical instantiation of pure Google Android.

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8 Snapchat Content Ideas That Your Customers and Fans Will Love

snapchat-ghost14Given the amount of people using Snapchat every day – particularly Millennials – brands from all industries are considering how they can utilize the platform to capitalize on that reach.

Would you like to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing plan but are unsure on exactly how to do it?

Here are eight great ways you can use Snapchat to breathe new life into your account.

1. Conduct interviews via Snaps

Take the time to get the lighting and sound right. Make sure you have your “Snaps” set for 10 seconds. You’ll probably need the interviewee to sit close to you or even speak directly into the microphone of the device you’re using.

In the opening Snap, introduce the person you’re interviewing. Each question should be a Snap of its own – put the question on the screen in text format. Whenever the interviewee is answering a question, they should be the one onscreen. You can add stickers and other things to your Snaps that reflect the question or answer and show off your personality, or that of the interviewee.

At the end of the interview, do a quick Snap of your own to thank the interviewee and share their Snapcode. You can use the interview as a promotional link to a longer interview on your blog, website or YouTube by snapping a call-to-action like “Come visit us on our blog or YouTube channel for more information.” Don’t forget to share the link.

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8 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

The past week has been fruitful when it comes to digital marketing stats being revealed. The following eight in particular caught our eye:

1. What brands shouldn’t do
Almost 58 percent of social media users find the number of promotional posts by marketers to be annoying, according to Sprout Social, which surveyed more than 1,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users. Check out more numbers from its third-quarter study below.sprout_social

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Facebook’s New Virtual Reality Web Browser

mzuckerbergatoculusconnect3conference_2Marketers are already jumping into Carmel, the new virtual reality web browser that Facebook showed off at its Oculus Connect conference on Thursday.

Ford has developed VR and 360-degree video stories that take viewers inside world-famous races. That fits the style of storytelling that many brands have latched onto to enter VR.

“Brands are definitely thinking of virtual reality and augmented reality,” said Noah Mallin, head of social at MEC North America. “Mark Zuckerberg has made it really clear this is a priority for Facebook. So if it is for Facebook, we have to take it seriously.”

Facebook has been doing yearly Oculus events ever since it bought the virtual reality headset in 2014 for $2 billion, calling it the platform of the future. It finally went on sale this year for $600.

At the Oculus event, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented some of the new software for the device, including the virtual reality web browser, which means developers and brands can build sites, not just apps that require downloading.

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