It’s Not TV, It’s “HBO Now”


HBO recently announced plans to launch HBO Now, a Netflix-style service that streams HBO programming for a price, regardless of whether or not you’re an old fashioned HBO subcriber. Current HBO subscribers already enjoy a taste of this if they use HBO Go, a similar service that comes with channel subscription. This has been a long time coming and HBO is smart to be nimble and adaptable in it’s offerings in order to keep up with the changing content consumption landscape. But for now this is an exclusive deal with Apple, so those without Apple products won’t be able to get the service for some time – so they are advised to continue stealing their parents HBO Go passwords (your parents don’t know how to use it anyway).

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Why You Should Know About Kik

If you’re not a teenager, it’s quite likely you don’t know about the Kik messaging app (which also serves as a social community). But if you’re an advertising or marketing professional who wants to reach teens, you may soon find yourself creating very cool interactive branded experiences within the app. And the teens are eating it up. Learn more about Kik and its growing portfolio of ad products. 

Two big programmatic problems. One chart. (Via @Digiday)

Today’s programmatic marketplace can be a tangled and an often-confusing ecosystem for buyers and sellers. Throw brand safety and viewability concerns into the mix and there could be a (programmatic) problem. So what’s the solution? Well, as you’re about to find out, it depends on the problem.

One thing’s for sure: Transparency matters. The clearer and more honestly buyers, sellers and their partners communicate about inventory quality and the processes in place, the better the result — for both sides. Check out the graphic below to take a see how two main problems, brand safety and viewability, can arise and how Publishers can work with their demand partners to move past them.