The Definitive SEO Checklist [Infographic]

No matter what type of business you’re running, if you want to achieve online success, then SEO is a key consideration – without it, the chances of your website or brand being found by people via search engines is next to nil. SEO helps you to improve your brand’s visibility thereby, making it easier for both search engines and potential customers to find you online, helping to bring more traffic to your site.

To help you understand the importance of SEO for your business, here are some of its key benefits:

  • SEO improves your search engine ranking
  • It improves your brand’s credibility
  • It builds your brand’s authority
  • It enhances user experience
  • It brings in more qualified leads
  • It increases conversion rate.

In short, if you have an online business then SEO matters, and the more you understand about SEO the better you’ll be able to optimize your site leading to higher ROI and increased brand awareness.

Take a look at the infographic below.seo-checklist-Infographic

Infographic: How Women Want to Interact With Brands Online

According to a new study conducted for Adweek by product review and discovery platform Influenster, brands need to move even further toward mobile if they want to make meaningful connections with women. “Digital consumption, especially of visual content, is happening at such a rapid pace on handheld devices marketers should push mobile optimization to the top of their checklists and not allow it to come as an afterthought,” said Influenster president and co-founder Elizabeth Scherle. She added that even though videos and GIFs are in fashion, women still prefer social posts that involve photos.what-women-want-1

New comScore Traffic Report Underlines the Strength of Facebook, Rise of Snapchat

comm5Social networking now accounts for one in every five minutes spent on the internet. This is one of the many insights outlined in comScore’s 2016 Cross-Platform Future in Focus’ whitepaper, which examines overall traffic data and how it relates to a range of web and digital trends. The data’s primarily based on comScore’s MMX Multi-Platform measurement system, which translates de-duplicated audience size numbers, demographic composition and engagement performance across more than 300,000 digital media entities. Using comScore’s wide-ranging data tools, the whitepaper examines the key trends and behaviors driving digital consumption in 2016, including the adoption of social channels and mobile devices, and how those advances are re-shaping our wider communications landscape.

And as noted, one of the key findings in relation to social, specifically, is that one in every five minutes spent online is now dedicated to social networking, with messaging also one of the top elements in that mix.

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Infographic: 72% of Spotify Listeners Are Millennials. Here’s How They Use the Service

Music streaming services are more popular than ever, and, naturally, no group is leading the charge more than millennials. One of the most popular of those services is Spotify, which provided Adweek with exclusive data to get a better look at this demo. “As the largest global streaming service, we have a deep understanding of millennials from our data on streaming habits,” said Spotify business marketing global director Jeff Rossi. “For marketers looking to reach this highly sought-after group, we understand that millennials are listening more frequently and streaming in more places than nonmillennials, including most often on mobile and desktop as they move from home to school to work. We also see that millennials’ streaming habits are not as impacted by traditional peak consumption periods like prime time or drive time. They are connected all day from the moment they wake up.” pitch-perfect-data-02.png

Brands Can Now Create Interactive Video Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

taylors-coffee-innovid-hed-2016Online rollover ads that let consumers move their mouse over a video promo to access more information about a brand have been a boon for publishers looking to make their videos a bit more interactive for consumers. Now, those video formats are coming to Facebook and Instagram.

Innovid, a company that powers campaigns for publishers including CBS, MSN, Crackle, Hulu and Roku, is launching a beta program to make its interactive video ads compatible with social posts. Innovid’s advertisers include Microsoft, Mondelez and Target.

British tea and coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate ran a campaign last December to test the technology.

A 30-second video featured a button in the corner of the screen. When users scroll over it, they can take a quiz to find their perfect coffee flavor, buy products from retailers including Sainsbury’s and Asda and sign up for emails.

The new format resulted in a 35 percent engagement rate with 4,400 likes, more than 250 comments and 400 shares.

“This is the first step in transforming social viewers into active participants,” said Tal Chalozin, Innovid’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “Facebook was a natural stepping stone for us because they’ve done an amazing job building a sophisticated ad platform that is continually reinventing itself. We are currently exploring other social platforms to see where interactive video experiences might also integrate well.”

On mobile, clicking on a video pulls up a landing page where users can swipe through the experience.

But with Facebook and Instagram’s upcoming changes to their algorithms that favor video, marketers will likely need to put a bit of paid marketing behind the posts to make them stand out.

The tech vendor’s integration with Facebook and Instagram comes two months after signing a deal to measure Snapchat ad campaigns.

Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics for 2016 [Infographic]

Facebook_Video_Statistics_For_2016_InfographicLast year saw exceptional growth for video on Facebook. At the end of 2014 the site hosted approximately one billion video views per day. By the close of 2015, that figure had grown to over eight billion. While there’s still some debate about what qualifies as a video view (3 sec vs. 10 sec. vs. 30 secs?), the overall trajectory of Facebook video consumption his undeniable.

Video is central to Facebook’s vision for the future of the platform. In 2014 CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying “In five years most of Facebook will be video” . Facebook will be working hard in 2016 to cement that vision, especially in the areas of live video and VR. Below are five statistics which show the importance of video on Facebook in 2016.

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Facebook Announces New Tools and Options at F8 – Here’s What You Need to Know


Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference is currently underway in San Francisco, with a range of new tools and updates being announced as part of the two-day showcase. And with so many updates – from small to large-scale integrations – it can be hard to keep up. To help, here’s a listing of the key notes and changes that have been announced at F8 thus far.

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And here’s the Facebook Roadmap we can all look forward to…10 year