What’s The Meaning of Like?


It’s the age old question. Actually no, it’s a pretty new question, but an interesting one nonetheless. How meaningful is a page Like or follower in the social space? Sure, a big number of fans gives you bragging rights, but what’s on the other end of that Facebook page like? Facebook seems to be addressing the question.

Yesterday, the big blue F announced that it’s changing the way it counts Likes for celebrity and brand/business pages. Page Likes will no longer include Likes from users who have passed away or have voluntarily deactivated their accounts, as they are deemed not “meaningful.” So over the coming weeks, be prepared to see a small dip in the total number of Page likes – something that may irk the page managers. (Remember how annoyed everyone was when Instagram removed a bunch of spam accounts, which decreased likes for many? Yeah, that made quite a few people mad at their dip in followers.). Click the image to read details about this shift.